Celebrating 50 years of serving our children!


The school will provide a program for children aged 3 to Kindergarten planned to meet their needs as individuals who are part of a group


Young children learn by feeling, smelling, tasting, and by questioning, explaining and listening.  They learn by first-hand experiences... by doing.  Activities in both preschool and kindergarten will, therefore center around concrete, manipulative materials and equipment: blocks, water, sand, cooking, arts and crafts, puzzles, rhythm instruments, animals for pets, gardening, field trips and visitors to the classrooms.

We plan for the total child to grow...


Thinking skills are developed as children make decisions, observe, recall, see relationships and predict outcomes.

Mathematical perceptions  and concepts develop as children:

  • work with blocks
  • carpentry tools and supplies
  • measure for cooking
  • chart activities and interest
  • record the date and/or weather on a calendar
  • receive direct instruction in number concepts.

Science understandings occur as children:

  • care for pets
  • observe seasonal changes
  • carry out science and cooking experiences and experiments
  • grow in an ever deepening understanding and appreciation of our natural world

Formal reading preparation is important at each level. Teachers plan:

  • stories
  • poetry
  • music
  • listening for rhymes and beginning sounds
  • the keeping of charts and lists
  • the recording of experiences in story form, etc.

Kindergartners sometimes come to school already reading.  Others being to read during kindergarten year. We encourage the the sounding out of word, learning sight words, and the recording of their own words on charts, cards, signs, painting, etc.


Small muscle skills develop as children use their hands and eyes together in many experiences:

  • at the carpentry table
  • building with blocks
  • dressing dolls
  • working puzzles
  • stringing beads, etc.

Writing skills develop as children write their names, simple messages, letters, numerals, etc.

Large muscle development is planned for through use of outdoor equipment and activities.  We consider the outside area to be as essential as the inside classroom to the children's physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Self-esteem in young children is closely related to how well they use their bodies... therefore, we aim for strength, coordination, confidence and flexibility.


Our school is a Christian school. Each child is seen as a child of God... to be loved, led, taught and helped to see and respect the needs of others.

Parents and Teachers

We share with parents the responsibility for promoting sound growth in a period when growth and learning are the most rapid of their entire lifetime.  We want to encourage comfortable and open communication that parents and teachers can function as a consistent team, supporting the needs of the children, parents and teachers alike.